Vendor Applications

Applications for SLICE 2024 are due by July 1st! 

See the guidelines and FAQ below, and feel free to email us at



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Guidelines and FAQs

What kind of work is SLICE looking for?

Comics, zines, chapbooks, literary magazines, poetry, small press, indie publishers, tabletop games, and other print culture. These should be the main focus, but you are welcome to sell merchandise like stickers and apparel as well!

Work samples that show a unique voice; you are welcome to sell fan art at the expo, but we want to see original creations in your application.


I don’t make comics, can I still apply?

Yes! SLICE celebrates zines, chapbooks, literary magazines, poetry, small press, indie publishers, comics, and other print culture!


What file types should my work samples be?

Any file type works, as long as they are viewable! SLICE gets many links that are locked or password-protected. Make sure that all your samples are viewable by anyone with the link you submit. (Try testing the link in private mode.)

What are tables sizes/costs?

Full tables are 6ft wide and cost $70. Full tables will be provided two chairs.

Half tables are 3ft wide and cost $35. Half tables will be provided one chair.

In order to give as many exhibitors as possible the opportunity to participate in SLICE, there are a limited number of full table allocations. If accepted, you may be offered a half table even if you requested a full table.


Can I share a table with another exhibitor?

Once you’ve been accepted into SLICE, you will have the opportunity to request a tablemate!


Did you receive my application?

Our application system does not send a confirmation email with a copy of your application, so if you saw a “thanks for applying” screen after submitting, we likely received it! If you’re concerned your application didn’t go through, please don’t hesitate to email us at


When will I hear if I was accepted?

Late July/Early August 2024


Can I be added to a waitlist?

When we review applications, our exhibitor selection process includes inviting applicants to be on the waitlist. We will reach out to you if this is the case.

I missed the application deadline, can I still apply?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept applications after the final deadline. We look forward to seeing your application for next year’s expo!


If an extra table opens up at the expo, can I have it?

If a table becomes available, we will reach out to the next person on our waitlist.